Acrimony (Movie Review) – Truncated Destiny

Why did he bother going after her after their first meeting? I mean, she hit him for merely bumping into her under the rain. Was he attracted to crazy? Anyways she fell and so did her pants. Why did she tell him about the money her late mother left her and the property? Does infatuation breed trust that easily? I can’t remember if he requested a car or she bought it out of the goodness of her heart. Either ways why? Why didn’t he call her for two days after receiving a car costing over $24,000 from her? That’s the M.O (Mode of operation) of a leech. I mean, how one can ignore a significant other for 2 days after being bought a fully paid brand new car. How stupid of her to endanger her life because she caught him cheating. The consequences were on her. She could have walked away from his sorry ass and never looked back but she did not, thereby inviting a TRUNCATED DESTINY.

For years he sucked from her and promised in hope. He took all from her and she gave it freely. Sacrificed finances, time and energy. She financed all his research, paid for his university tuition, burnt her relationship with family and what did she get in return? Penis? She even describes teaching him necessary skills to excel in that department. She gave up every penny for his dream and finally her shelter. Over twenty years of giving everything. Her family even came to the rescue and then he gets THE CALL that could change his life but others had their job on the line for him. What did he do? He chose himself. Didn’t consider the ones who chose him over themselves. Life right?

Why did he not take that $800,000 dollars? Dude wanted more. The woman that sacrificed it all was losing everything and her family was bearing loss also but he needed more. Selfishness and Greed! Look! He might never have got that second chance. He might have had to wash dishes for the rest of his life. Ecclesiastes 9:11 “I again saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the warriors and neither is bread to the wise nor wealth to the discerning nor favor to men of ability ; FOR TIME AND CHANCE OVERTAKE THEM ALL

And when he got the full cake, he went and offered her a slice. I thought he “loved her”. Why didn’t he want to give her everything he had promised? Why didn’t he go the lengths of the earth to win her back with love and money? After all, he went after her because she had love and money to offer him down to her last penny. He easily started splashing it out on another woman. He wasted no time in moving on. Who else sees this often in our world? They rubbed it all over the internet! Good gracious, ex-wife went mad. Why was she watching it all though? Why did she spend so much energy focusing on such?

In the end, he really did not see what he had done wrong. His SELFISHNESS stunk from the bottom of his heart and a couple of people think like him. They feel he tried, he offered her money and bought the house back. What more could he do? What more? Really? After everything? Now you made it and want to move on? Don’t give me that shit of she divorced him! Why did she divorce him? You answer! And then tell me why it was OK for him not to fight for her back when she had fought for everything he finally got! He did not try to get her back once he made it! But when he had need for her in the past, he begged, even gave her a ring!

The end was satisfying. Both dead! Mark 8:36 “FOR WHAT SHALL IT PROFIT A MAN IF HE GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD AND LOOSE HIS SOUL”. Happy spending on the other side and as for her, what a FOOLISH woman!

She could have walked away at the beginning but she chose FOLLY

He could have taken the first offer but he chose SELFISHNESS and GREED

She could have taken his offer and walked away but she chose GREED also

In the end, the end would have been different if not for MONEY! MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

How many of us can see the truth right now but are still chasing a TRUNCATED DESTINY?

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