Who’s going to fertilize my eggs?

For a bit now, I have had this little obsession with having a daughter that looks like me so I can bestow the name I was originally supposed to bear on her and then we would have the same middle name and we would twin into the moon. It’s become apparent that the only thing standing in between me and a daughter is someone to fertilize my eggs.

I was talking to one of my friends a few months ago and told her that I would like to extract and save some of my eggs in 2020. Her reply was if I wanted to have kids by 2020, what I need to do is take it to God in prayer and have faith and there would be no need to bother with saving my eggs. While I do not think there is a problem with her response, I felt that would mean putting pressure on God and myself to make sure the right man for me is here by 2020.

Most educated people know about the female biological clock. What I see on a regular is a lot of females having to make major sacrifices and compromises to fit in this time line we all sort of have to work with.  Drawing from my friend’s response, it looks like a case of smart vs faith. The same God I believe made us smart and gave intelligence for these new medical advancements we see around. Although there is abuse sometimes but that’s another conversation. When people are ill, they visit the hospital, still praying and have faith that they will get better / healed and that does not undermine God’s intervention in my opinion.

I am 31 it’s become harder to find someone that fits what I would like in a life partner. The simple things such as respect to your significant other is too much to ask. A Godly man walking the talk is almost extinct. The honest intent of forming a family unit for all the “right reasons” is of 19th century. I can’t give God a timeline as to when the right one must appear. What if his set time is in the next 5 years? Am I to sit and not take precautions when I know my body is getting older?

I have had 3 relationships and the last ended in April 2016. Since then, I haven’t even been able to find a person I could remotely give a romantic hug. I remember 3 months after that horrendous relationship, my friends were optimistic I’d be in another relationship in 6 months. Its 3 years in a bit and my interest has not been tickled. I literally sniff troubles in these “young men” miles away and so sad to come to terms with facts that if I knew what I know now, my last two relationships would not have gone passed a first conversation but on the other hand, I could really save myself sometime by dropping some standards, get married, have my dream daughter and get a divorce in 2 years at least. I know I won’t last long in balderdash.

9 out of 10, a single man will tell you he can change that whenever he’s good and ready while a single woman will tell you she can change that if she is willing to drop her standards. Tell me if I am lying…

In the meantime, I’m on the look for who’s going to fertilize my eggs.

P.S. The fertilizer has to be my life partner

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